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Debit Cards

More than plastic. Designed for control and security in a world of digital payments.

  • Secure
  • Convenient
  • Rewards*

Secure and fast everyday spending. Backed by Visa, your debit card moves even faster with digital wallet compatibility, surcharge free ATMs, and the Fitzsimons Credit Union banking app.

Contactless Transaction

Look for the contactless symbol on the payment terminal. No need to insert your card, just tap and go.

Google and Apple Pay Ready

Leave the plastic behind and pay with your phone. It’s also the fastest, most secure way to checkout online.

A More Connected Card

You are in complete control of your debit card. Turn your card on and off in the Fitzsimons Credit Union banking app, and watch real-time spending so that you can stick to a budget.


Cash Back and Less ATM Fees

If your card is linked to a Kasasa Checking Account, you can get cash back on every purchase and up to $25 in refunds on ATM fees. We’ve also got 30,000+ surcharge-free CO-OP Network ATMs to prevent fees in the first place.



We’ll Watch Out For Fraud

If our system thinks a transaction from your account looks weird, you’ll get a text with the details through Debit Card Text Alerts. If you didn’t make the purchase, we can block it.

Helpful Debit Card Resources

Debit Cards Disclosures
*Earn rewards for debit card purchases when you link your card to a Kasasa Checking Account. how you can start earning rewards for daily debit card purchases. Unlawful Internet Gambling and Other Illegal Activities You agree that you are not engaged in unlawful Internet gambling or any other illegal activity. You agree that you will not use any of your accounts, access devices or services for unlawful internet gambling or other illegal activities. We may terminate your account relationship if you engage in unlawful internet gambling or other illegal activities. USA PATRIOT ACT - PROCEDURES FOR OPENING A NEW ACCOUNT In accordance with Section 326 of the USA PATRIOT ACT and to help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money-laundering activities, Fitzsimons Credit Union is required to take reasonable steps to verify the identity of any potential new account holders, which may include existing members, and maintain records of the documentation used for verification. At a minimum, Fitzsimons Credit Union is required to obtain the following information prior to account opening: · Name · Date of Birth, for individuals · Place of Residence, and mailing address, if different · Taxpayer Identification Number (i.e. Social Security Number), for U.S. persons · One or more of the following for Non-U.S. persons: a U.S. Taxpayer Identification Number; passport number and country of issuance; alien identification card number; or number and country of issuance of any other government-issued document evidencing nationality or residence. This identification must bear a photograph. This information: · Verifies member’s identity · Is kept on record to note how identity was verified and how discrepancies in identity verification were resolved · Is used to check the member’s identity against government issued lists of suspected terrorists (individuals or organizations). What this means to you: when you open an account, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth, and other information that will allow us to identify you. We may also ask to see your driver’s license or other identifying documents. You can learn more about the impact of the USA PATRIOT Act on financial institutions at