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Debt Protection

It never hurts to be prepared. You can easily add affordable protection to most Fitzsimons loans.

  • Death Coverage
  • Disability Coverage
  • Unemployment Coverage

Gain more peace of mind. If you purchase debt protection from us, we'll cancel or reduce your loan balance under certain circumstances.

Three Plan Choices

Choose from three plan options, depending on your needs and circumstances. Any plan can be easily added when you apply for a loan with us, or if you choose to refinance.

  • Plan 1 – Death, Disability, and Unemployment Coverage
  • Plan 2 – Death and Disability Coverage only
  • Plan 3 – Death coverage only

Mom on tthe phone at the dealership with her child

Debt protection is available for closed-end consumer loans of 120 months or less and closed-end home equity loans of 120 months or less. Rate based per $1,000 of loan balance.

How much coverage is offered?



Death Coverage

Coverage Details



Disability Coverage

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Unemployment Coverage

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Product Disclosure

There are eligibility requirements, conditions, and exclusions that apply to this program. Please contact us for additional details about the Debt Protection program.