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Debit Card Text Alerts

Protect your accounts from fraud.

Financial security is our priority.

That’s why all Fitzsimons cardholders are automatically opted into text alerts when fraud is suspected.

How it works:
If our system detects suspicious activity on your card, you’ll receive a text message with details about the suspected transaction. All you have to do is respond to the text to confirm the transaction. If you indicate the transaction is fraud, you’ll receive another message with a number to call for follow-up. If not, you’re all set. The system will mark the transaction as legitimate and you can get on with your day – simple as that.

If you need to update your mobile phone number or if you would like to change your notification settings, you can give us a call at (303) 340-3343.

Important Notice: Fitzsimons does not send text messages requesting user ID login, your SSN or any other confidential account information. If you receive any suspicious calls or texts, please call our Contact Center immediately at 303-340-3343.


Guard Yourself Against Fraud With The Fitzsimons Credit Union Banking App

For an extra level of security check out our card management and spend tracking features. Stay a couple of steps ahead of today’s fraudsters by receiving alerts for potential fraud activity and when your card goes outside of any transaction controls set by you. Check the FAQs down below to learn more.

Download the App


Frequently Asked Questions

The “My Location” controls and alerts will check to ensure the merchant location is within a 5-mile radius of the device set as primary within the Fitzsimons Credit Union mobile banking app. These controls impact in-store transactions only, so internet transactions are not impacted.
You’ll need to enter the same level of detail entered for the original card. This information generally includes the card number, address, expiration date, and CVV/CVC code. Additionally, secondary authentication may include the last 4 digits of the social security number or a security token sent via email. Multiple individuals can register the same card as long as they know the card details.
Fitzsimons CU Card Management and Spend Tracking is a free service, however, message and data rates may apply.
We generally flag transactions that have larger sums or transactions that originate from distant locations that are outside of your normal activity. If you do plan to go on a trip, be sure to notify our team about any travel plans that you may have.

Debit Card Text Alerts Disclosures
*Messaging and data rates may apply.