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Online Banking Enrollment Instructions

Online Banking Instructions

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Enter your member number (should end with a 0) as your User ID, if you have multiple membership numbers you can enter any one of them. Enter your social security number (with dashes) as your password.
  2. You will be asked to make a new password. Enter your social security number (with dashes) in the current password box, then enter a new password and confirm it.
  3. Create answers to five security questions.
  4. Input your phone number. We’ll use this number to send verification codes through texts or calls.
  5. We’ll send you a code via text or call to verify your phone. Enter this verification code.
  6. Read and accept the terms & conditions.

Once you’re signed up, you can:

  1. Input personal information for security and verification purposes.
  2. Click on Mobile to set up your mobile settings and find instructions for the Fitzsimons mobile app.
  3. Go to settings to change your User ID.

Need additional instructions? Click here to view a step-by-step video tutorial 

Important Online Banking Information

  • Your online banking login is just for YOU.
  • Do not share your login information with anyone else.
  • If there is a joint owner on your account, they will need to enroll in online banking and create their own unique login and username to access their accounts.

Mobile Banking

Once you’re enrolled in online banking, you’re eligible for mobile banking. You can find additional settings and instructions in the “Mobile” tab once you’ve logged into online banking.

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Online Bill Pay Tips

  • Payments scheduled during holidays and weekends will be sent the business day prior to the holiday or weekend rather than the day after.
  • Depending on the payee, a payment may be sent either electronically or via check. If a payment is sent electronically, your account will be debited the day the payment is processed. If a payment is sent via check, your account will generally be debited on the day the payment is due, but may be debited when the check clears.