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Money Market

Crush your financial goals. Stay in control of your money while getting great returns.

  • Fast
  • Flexible
  • Free

Opportunities come up and life happens. We get it. Money Market accounts let you safely invest with low commitment. You can make up to 6 penalty-free withdrawals,every single month, and funds are insured to NCUA limits.

Higher Interest Than a Savings Account

Money Market accounts are the best of both worlds. Earn higher interest than most savings accounts and enjoy more flexibility than a typical certificate account.

Manage everything with Online Banking

It’s easy to move money around from your phone or laptop. Take out money to boost your checking account, cover a loan payment, or buy something snazzy.

How it Works



Start with $2,000

Open an account online.



Increase your balance

Get a bigger return on bigger balances, up to $250,000.



Build your wealth

Create a powerful rainy day fund to ease your worries.

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