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Centennial Lending – Our Property Investment Partners

Through a partnership with Centennial Lending, Fitzsimons Credit Union offers competitive and flexible residential investment property and residential construction lending services. Our experienced team thrives on finding solutions to meet your commercial financing and construction needs.
Residential Investment Property Loans
Together Centennial Lending and Fitzsimons Credit Union offer a variety of funding options for both 1-4 Family and Multi-Family investment properties. Our expert commercial lenders work with seasoned real estate investors, as well as first-time investors, and will help you identify which funding option is best suited to your specific situation.
Commercial Property Loans
We can finance a variety of commercial real estate transactions. Whether you are purchasing a mixed-use space, refinancing light industrial, or moving into a new owner-occupied space, we have the knowledge and product flexibility to meet your needs.

Residential and Commercial Construction Loans
Our team can help you effectively navigate the construction funding process. Centennial Lending will review your application, building plans, construction cost estimate, and verify contractor references. Centennial Lending works directly with you and your contractor to ensure that your project expenses are monitored and funded efficiently helping you get through construction on budget and on time.

Relationship Benefits
•Solution oriented
•No nonsense
•Timely process
•Flexible terms
•Local underwriting, processing, closing, and servicing
When you do business with Fitzsimons Credit Union and Centennial Lending you can achieve your business goals while supporting the credit union you value.
Click here to contact Julia at Centennial Lending today!