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Earn 100x more than a regular savings account with our special rates up to 4.50% APY* on Share and IRA Certificates.

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Why Fitzsimons?

Achieve Financial Well-Being

We offer free credit monitoring services, a series of financial educational resources, and a team of experts to help you make the best financial decisions.

More Money In Your Pocket

Our focus is on providing you with the best possible rates, lowest fees, and the most innovative savings and loan programs designed to build your wealth.

Bank Local and Give Local

When you bank with a not for-profit local financial institution you help support local organizations as well as help other members access affordable loans and great interest rates.


“Great credit union, actually the best. Wonderful, professional staff. Have been a member for over 40 years and not going anywhere else”

– Charles G

How this works

We give people the one-on-one advice they need to build credit, savings and confidence.

  1. Open an account online

    You can do it online in 5 minutes. Go ahead.

  2. Create a financial game plan

    We know it’s harder said than done. We will help you.

  3. Reach your financial goals

    That's what partners are for.

Special Rates On Share and IRA Certificates! 7-MONTH CERTIFICATE = 4.25% APY* and 26-MONTH CERTIFICATE = 4.50% APY*

Visit one of our branch locations, call us at 303-340-3343 or click the link for more info. Special Rates on Certificates