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2024 Credit Union Youth Month (April 1 – 30)

As April begins, we’re excited to celebrate Credit Union Youth Month, a time dedicated to educating and empowering our youngest members about the importance of saving now and about financial responsibility at an early age.

This year’s theme, “Save Away for a Rainy Day,” emphasizes why it is crucial to start teaching our children about saving now.

The habits they develop at a young age can shape their financial well-being for years to come.  By introducing concepts like saving, budgeting, and smart spending early on, we empower them to make informed decisions and navigate their financial journey with confidence.

Open a Youth or Teen Savings Account today at any of our branch locations to help your little ones save for the future, all while they learn the foundations of managing their money. Click here to get started.

We invite all our young members and their families to check out some fun activities designed to promote smart saving habits and enhance financial literacy.

  • Download a saving’s goal coloring activity, word search and cross word puzzle.
  • Online financial literacy games for kindergarteners to high schoolers and beyond!
  • Zogo, the financial literacy app that rewards you with gift cards to your favorite retailers as you learn small bite sized financial topics.  Suggested for ages 13+ AND ADULTS!

Together, let’s empower the next generation to save away for a rainy day and embark on a journey toward financial success!