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Fitzsimons Anschutz Branch Renovations

Beginning on May 22th, 2023, the Fitzsimons Anschutz branch location will be undergoing renovations, with anticipated completion by August 2023. To provide our members with a modern, efficient and convenient experience, our lobby will feature: upgrades in technology, improved privacy in our service areas, additional Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs), and a more fluid layout to welcome you as you come through our doors.

During the renovation period, the Fitzsimons Anschutz branch will remain open and continue to serve you. However, the service area will be relocated to our back office, therefore, we will be making a couple of changes for the duration of the renovation:

  • When you arrive, please check-in at the reception desk.
  • Our staff will escort you to our temporary service area.
  • For access to your Safe Deposit Box, please make an appointment on Tuesday or Thursday between the hours of 3pm – 5pm at

Please note that the outside ITMs, equipped with live tellers, will not be impacted and will continue to operate at regular business hours. We encourage you to utilize our ITMs whenever possible to accommodate your banking needs.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we remodel. We value your membership and will keep you updated on the progress of our renovation. We are excited to share this new phase of Fitzsimons Credit Union with you!