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Fitzsimons Credit Union Welcomes new VP of Finance

Fitzsimons Credit Union (FCU) is pleased to welcome Jennifer Green, an experienced leader in both Finance and Accounting, in the role of VP-Finance.

Green will oversee the Accounting Department, maintain the credit union’s investment portfolio, monitor liquidity, and manage internal controls and regulatory reporting.

With over a decade of experience at credit unions, Green has come to appreciate and rely on the cooperative environment and collaborative nature found in the credit union industry. “The fact that I can call the competing credit union down the street and we can work together to improve both of our credit unions is amazing. Credit unions exist to help people, not make a profit, so we do whatever we can to serve the underserved”.

When asked what advice she would give someone just entering the world of banking and finance she replied, “The best advice I have ever gotten from someone in my professional career was to always give 110% to your current job, no matter what your end goal is. This mindset led me to grow so much over the years and opened so many amazing doors for me. This is something I truly live by and do my best to share with others”.

Long before pursuing an undergraduate degree in mathematics, and a master’s degree in accounting, Green’s youthful aspirations ranged from marine biology, pediatrics, and physical therapy to world traveler. Fitzsimons Credit Union President & CEO, Robert Fryberger is glad she opted to explore the world of finance instead, explaining “Jennifer fills a critical role and I am confident that her strong background in financial analysis will benefit the credit union and help us grow to meet our strategic goals. We are excited to welcome Jennifer to the Fitzsimons team.”