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Latest Scam Alert: Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Account Safe

Attention Members

Please be aware of any suspicious calls or text messages requesting user ID login, your SSN or any other confidential account information. Fitzsimons Credit Union and our vendors will never request this information from you. Additionally, we will not ask that you send money to any unknown individuals.

If you have received any suspicious calls or texts, please call our Contact Center immediately at 303-340-3343.

Tips To Keep Your Account Information Safe

Ignore Any Request For Financial Information Or Passwords

If you get asked to provide your bank account info such as bank routing information, debit card numbers or passwords, it’s a scam. If the message conveys a sense of urgency, or uses high-pressure sales tactics be skeptical. When in doubt, feel free to reach out to our Member Service Team directly at 303-340-3343 if you have any questions regarding your account.

Stay In Control Of Your Debit Card

Enroll in debit card text alerts. If our system flags a transaction, you will  receive a text message. If the transaction is legitimate, all you have to do is answer “Yes” to the text, or you can reply “No” and the transaction will be blocked. For added debit card control & security, download the FREE CardValet app.

Check Your Account Regularly

Make it a routine to check and monitor balances on your accounts and debit cards/credit cards. The sooner you catch fraudulent activity, the sooner our Member Service team can assist you. Be sure to enroll in online bankingeStatements, and download our mobile app.

Create Strong Passwords

Never use any personal identifying information in the password. This includes names, birthdates, pets, street addresses, schools, phone numbers, license plate numbers, etc. These will be first guesses for anyone trying to gain access to your account. Also, use  as many kinds of characters as possible, include numerals, symbols, upper-case letters, lower-case letters, and punctuation.