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Malia called them unfriendly butterflies. In reality, they were winged infusion sets, or butterfly needles, that were part of Malia’s treatment for a rare bleeding disorder.

When Malia was just a few months old her mother noticed how sensitive she was both physically and emotionally. She would develop bruises after even the slightest bump. Eventually, Malia’s doctor sent her to Children’s Hospital Colorado where she received a diagnosis of Von Willebrand Disease. This condition prevents the blood from clotting and nearly claimed Malia’s life after a traumatic bleeding episode.

Sandy Neves, Malia’s grandmother, and emeritus CEO of Fitzsimons Credit Union in Aurora, CO, is no stranger to children’s hospitals. In addition to Malia, Sandy’s nephew was also treated at Children’s Hospitals Colorado for severe burns. It’s because of them that Sandy has been so committed to raising funds for Credit Unions for Kids.

She is so committed to helping out that she is making a $25,000 donation to Children’s Hospital Colorado upon her retirement from Fitzsimons credit union.

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Children’s Hospital Colorado has been providing care and treatment to children in the community since 1908. Since that time there have been many success stories like Malia’s, where children were given the chance to grow-up and live fulfilled lives. Children’s Hospital Colorado works to provide the best possible care for kids who need it. Through medical research and advocacy efforts, they are working towards a world where kids are safer and healthier and will one day have less need for a hospital.

You too can become a hero to children in your community by making your own monetary contribution to the Children’s Hospital Colorado. Your donation will go to provide treatment to children in need, support families, make strides in finding treatments for childhood illness, and more.